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Kawai AT-120 Anytime Upright Piano 48" Polished Ebony

Studio Upright (44" - 48")

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Beautiful Kawai AT-120 Anytime Upright Piano. This piano features a gorgeous polished ebony finish. It has a lovely warmer tone and excellent touch. The studio size is popular among musicians and studio owners for its fuller and richer sound. The AnyTime pianos are a silent piano, allowing for convenient switching between acoustic and digital playing of the instrument! By activating the silent bar and turning on the digital system, you can play this piano through headphones withouth disturbing your neighbor, all while still playing the full action on an acoustic instrument!

Manufacturer: Kawai
Model: AT-120
Serial #: 2211158
Year: 1995
Length: 48"
Finish: Polished
Color/Wood: Ebony
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